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Is the way you are breathing making you sick, making you think you are sick or crazy,  destroying your energy, keeping you fat, stealing your personal Power, hinder your voice or shortening your life. Take our free breathing tests and see.

With better breathing you can optimize your health, well being, exercise or sports performance, extend your life span &  reduce any reliance on excessive medication

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Michael Grant White NCLMBT, OBDMT; Breathing  Development Specialist; Nutrition Educator;  Author of: Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing & Building Healthy Lungs Naturally

Breath is life.  If you are, regardless of age or health condition, a highly motivated individual,  committed to living life to the absolute fullest, you owe it you yourself  to investigate just how good is YOUR breathing.  FREE BREATHING TESTS
Programs for addressing specific issues that use breathing development to attain optimal health, peak performance and life extension. 
Always consult with your health professional before beginning any program.

Breathing exercises and meditations are considered by many to be the highest of all drugless therapies.  Your breathing guides your body and mind to a state of peace, harmony and energetic clarity. 

Few people know how to breathe in such a way to bring about this optimal health and well being.  If you will put yourself on a scheduled program of a few simple and easy breathing exercises every day you will change your life!

Breathing deep or deeper is not the complete answer. Easy, smooth, full, wide, roomy, relaxed, flowing are signs of optimal breathing.  In fact, not breathing  easily enough can actually cause health related problems such as respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough, wheezing, coronary or heart symptoms such as angina, palpitations, pulmonary, depression, anxiety, stress and other physical and mental health problems. 
With Mike's self help programs and telephone back up you will discover the safe and healthy secrets of breathing, that have been long hidden within thousands of singing lessons, psychological techniques, yoga, tai chi, Qigong (chi kung), eastern mystical instructions, spiritual activities, and new age workshops.   


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60 factors often associated with poor breathing mechanics or what I call UDB

  1. Air hunger
  2. Anxiety
  3. Apnea
  4. Back pain - low back
  5. Bluish cast to lips
  6. Breathing feels like a series of events instead of one smooth internally coordinated, continuous flow
  7. Breathing feels stuck
  8. Breath heaving
  9. Breathing is labored or restricted
  10. Breathing is shallow
  11. Breathlessness
  12. Can't catch breath or deep breathing curtailed
  13. Can't relax
  14. Can't walk and easily talk at the same time
  15. Chest is large and stiff
  16. Chest pain
  17. Chest wall tenderness
  18. Chronic cough
  19. Chronic pain
  20. Constant Fatigue
  21. Reflux
  22. Constipation
  23. Cramps in belly or below sternum
  24. Depression
  25. Dizzy when excited or anxious
  26. Gasping
  27. Do you find that you are often pressing your tongue to the top of your mouth?
  1. Do you snore?
  2. Excessive Stress
  3. Feel a hitch, bump or lump right below your breastbone when you try to take a deep breath
  4. Feelings of suffocation
  5. Get tired from reading out loud?
  6. Headaches
  7. Heart condition,
  8. High blood pressure
  9. Hold breath a lot
  10. Hormonal fluctuations
  11. Hyperventilation
  12. Heart attack(s)
  13. Irregular heartbeats
  14. Irregularly shaped rib cage (see in mirror)
  15. Ischemia (e.g., brain cell death)
  16. Lump in throat
  17. Migraines
  18. Mouth breather
  19. Nodules
  20. Obesity
  21. Often catch yourself not breathing
  22. Over-breathing
  23. Poor sleep
  24. Pregnant
  25. Pulsing or stabbing feeling in and around ribs
  26. Reduced pain tolerance
  27. Reflux
  28. Repetitive strain injury
  29. Ribs flair outward at bottom during inhale
  30. Sallow complexion
  31. Scoliosis or abnormal curvature of the spine
  1. Seizures.
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Side stitches
  4. Sigh or yawn often
  5. Singing poorly
  6. Snore
  7. Soreness or pain in the throat with "prolonged" vocal usage
  8. Sore deep pain feeling like a band across the chest
  9. Speech problems
  10. Sports/exercise  induced asthma
  11. Stressed out
  12. Stroke
  13. Sunken chest
  14. Singing long low tone sustains
  15. Swallowing difficulty
  16. Swim - canít at all, as well or as easily as you used to
  17. Tense overall feeling
  18. Tension around the eyes
  19. Tightness around the mouth
  20. Jaw tension
  21. Tightness, soreness or pressure in the chest or below breast bone
  22. Upper register singing problems
  23. Upset stomach or irritable bowl syndrome
  24. Vocal problems
  25. Waken from sleep or resting suddenly not breathing
  26. Wheezing

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53 minute audio with all 176 Videos

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